Move/Demo Permit

Prior to moving or demolishing a building in the RM you must apply for a Moving/Demolition Permit.

This application can be picked up at the RM office or printed off using the link below.

The application shall deposit a refundable Security Deposit with the RM to cover the cost of restoring the site after the building has been moved or demolished to such condition that it is, in the opinion of the Manage of Public Works, an acceptable condition to the municipality and that it is not dangerous to public safety.

If the applicant moves or demolishes the building AND restores the sire to a condition that is satisfactory to the Manager of Public works, the sum deposited, or a portion thereof, shall be refunded.

FORM REQUIRED: APPLICATION – Permit to Demolish or Move a Building

Please Submit completed Applications to:

By Mail or at the Office:
RM Weyburn No. 67
23 – 6th Street N.E.
Weyburn, SK
S4H 1A7