Rural Civic Addressing is a program in collaboration with the Government of Saskatchewan to improve public safety by aiding in emergency response planning and dispatch in rural areas by creating an addressing system similar to what would be used in an urban municipality. It can also be used to enhance the accuracy of delivery or collection services, and increasing efficiency. 

The objective of rural addressing is to provide a simple and logical system for identifying the location of properties in the RM that is consistent and easily understood by user groups. The RM has been working to assign civic addresses to all occupied properties or properties where people may gather within the municipality.

Addresses are assigned based on the location of the approach/driveway onto the roadway. 

They are assigned as follows: 

  • Address location onto a roadway is determined. 
  • Measurements are taken from the southern and eastern most intersection for which the property is located. 
  • Depending on the location of access, the address may be even (south and west side of the road) or odd (north and east side of the road). See image below. 
  • The first 3-4 numbers of the civic address are the reference road and the next numbers are your individual address number. 
  • The remaining portionis the street name (Range Road, Township Road or named street). 

How do I get a civic address?

Your address is assigned by the RM of Weyburn No. 67. You can contact the Office to get an address created for you property. 

Typically if there is no building (‘improvements’ on your property taxes) there is no address assigned and can be identified by the land description or parcel number. 


Where or how do I get a civic address sign? 

The municipality has left it to individual ratepayers to obtain their civic address sign. The municipality has not set out parameters regarding the size or colour of the sign. Below are examples done locally. 

Where do I post the address sign?

Your sign must be visible at night from the public access road. This is why the sign we provide is double sided and reflective.

Do NOT post it in a tree or shrub (think future foliage)

Do NOT post it further into your driveway

Do NOT install it flat, parallel the road nailed into a tree, fence, or yard fixture.

Instead . . . .

  • DO hang it perpendicular to the road so it is visible from both directions and within the cone of vehicle headlights
  • DO affix it with bolts or similar (so it will withstand wind) on a firmly embedded post, fence, or metal post/bar
  • DO post it beyond and above the path of a snowplow
  • DO stand back and enjoy your new civic address sign and encourage your neighbors to get and install their own sign!