Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is contracted to determine the fair value of all properties within the municipality. All assessments are determined according to a base date. Reassessments are completed on all properties every 4 years (as set by provincial regulations). SAMA reassess all properties within the RM of Weyburn in 2021; the next reassessment year is scheduled for 2025. 

You can learn more about your property-specific assessment by visiting SAMA website. 


Municipal taxes pay for services and utilities residents, businesses, and visitors to the RM use. This includes maintenance (on all roads excluding provincial highways), public works, staff, governance costs and many other operational items. Each year Council reviews the upcoming projected expenses and creates a budget accordingly. Once the yearly budget is created, the total budget value is used to calculate the tax rate for each property within the municipality. 

Taxes are levied in August of each year for the current year, and are due December 31st.

Discount are given for earlier payments of the taxes. The Discounts are as follows: 
Note: These discounts only apply to the municipal portion of your taxes, not the amount owed to the school board

  • 5% if Paid by September 30th
  • 4% if Paid by October 31st
  • 2% if Paid by November 30th
  • No discount when paid in December

To calculate your annual tax, you can use the following equations:

Municipal Taxes = SAMA Taxable Assessment Value x Municipal Mill Rate x Mill Rate Factor / 1000
School Taxes = SAMMA Taxable Assessment Value x School Mill Rate / 1000

Frequently Asked Questions:

The payment of current taxes are due and received at the R.M. Office no later than the close of business on December 31st of the current year.

*If in any year December 31st falls on a non-working day, payment of current taxes are due at the R.M. Office no later than the close of business on the last business day of December.

All property owners, whether they have children attending school or not, are required by Provincial Law to pay school taxes.

Please notify the office for any change of address and we would happily update our system.

Tax notices are typically mailed in the month of August.

Please contact the office.

Discounts for paying taxes can be found at the bottom of your tax notice.

Each municipality prepares an annual assessment roll and is advertised in the local paper that is it completed. During this time there is an appeal period where you can complete your appeal and submit the appeal application feel to the office. After the appeal period closes the Office can no longer accept appeal applications.

Provincial Legislation outlines what is considered valid grounds for an appeal.