The RM has adopted a Weed Management Plan in order for the RM and rate payers to have the ability to access funding for treating noxious and prohibited weeds through the Invasive Plant Control Program, funded through the federal Canadian Agricultural Partnership Program.

The purpose of the Invasive Plant Control Program (IPCP) is to provide financial assistance to rural municipalities (RMs), First Nations (FNs) south of the Northern Administrative District, and other stakeholders through their respective RMs and FNs, with costs to undertake and coordinate the control of prohibited weeds as well as specific noxious weeds that are persistent and problematic invasive plants.

For more information on the IPCP program please visit:


Please ensure you review the program guidelines and how it works and also be sure to read all current guidelines as incorrect rates or application of chemical applied may not be reimbursed.

For your convenience, please view the new program guidelines for all four rebate programs, new claim forms, herbicide application record (for IPCP), and Appendix A (which is a list of eligible herbicides that can be used for this IPCP program year 2023/2024). Please let your pesticide applicators and WIs be aware of the necessary IPCP documents before spraying.

Claim Deadline: October 31, 2024

Weed Control Program

Please confirm with the RM office before spraying in co-operation with our weed management plan.

weed inspector is required to review the area and remember only specific herbicides are eligible for the program– and a specific application rate may apply.

The RM has appointed a weed inspector. Call the RM office if you suspect weeds within your area.

Information Regarding Weeds that may currently be affecting your property