The operators work to ensure the grading of roads is completed in a timely manner based on Mother Nature. If Mother Nature cooperates and conditions are favorable the operators can cover a large area of municipal roads. With the increasing traffic volumes grading may be required more frequently on specific roads. If weather conditions change and the roads become soft grading may also be interrupted.

Snow removal operations are intended when there is snow accumulated on the municipal road interfering with driving conditions of standard vehicles. The municipality works hard to prioritize routes based on School Bus routes; when notified by the school division.

Each year council reviews a Priority List to guide road construction for the current year with all areas of the municipality having equal consideration. The projects are based on consideration of the greatest need, the most benefit, the availability of alternative routes and the condition of the existing road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

The R.M. tenders the supply and application of gravel each year where they are awarded though a public tendering process.

  • Allow enough space between you and municipal equipment;
  • Reduced visibility may occur;
  • Ice, small stones, etc. may be thrown by equipment.

The R.M. replaces many signs each year due to theft, vandalism or general wear. Please report a missing or damaged sign to the R.M. Office or Division Councillor.

The municipal road system uses township and range roads. Range Roads run north and south and are generally 1 mile apart. Township Roads run east and west and are generally 2 miles apart.

Photo Credit: @triplejphotography