Pest Control

The Pest Control Act requires that: Every person shall take measures to destroy, control and prevent the spread of all pests on any land or other premises owned, occupied or controlled by him.

The R.M. has the services of Pest Control Officer who conducts onsite inspections.

The R.M. of Weyburn provides bait to ratepayers for rats and mice at no cost.
Bait must be used on owned or leased land by the person obtaining the bait and they must sign an acknowledgement of the amount of bait received.

Options are available at the Office for gopher poison to purchase. Contact the office for more details.

Weed Control

The Weed Control Act requires that: Every owner or occupant of land shall… under the supervision of the weed inspector eradicate any prohibited weeds… isolated infestations of noxious weeds… [and] contain and control any established infestations of noxious weeds… and take measures to control any nuisance weeds located on the land.