Please note this is a general list of requirements and steps for development proposals which may or may not be required.

This list has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes, regulations or bylaws currently in effect.


  1. Come into the RM Office and discuss plans – preliminary drawings are highly recommended for review & discussion – if required/requested preliminary information can be taken to council for comments.
  2. Consult a Land Surveyor.
  3. Submit Application to Community Planning – this can take up to 90+ days to approve based on comments received from referral agents and RM & any additional requirements.
  4. Community Planning review applications and sends out referral letters
  5. Once the RM receives the letter – the application is reviewed – comments are provided and the application is taken to the next scheduled council meeting.
  6. Discretionary Use Application – if required & payment of fees.
  7. Re-Zoning Request – if required & payment of fees.
  8. Await decision of Discretionary Use & Re-Zoning.
  9. The RM requires comments from the Health Region, Water Security Agency (WSA) and any other referral agents found necessary prior to issuing a decision.
  10. Once there are no outstanding matters – council may approve the subdivision at the next scheduled meeting subject to the signing of the Servicing Agreement & Payment of fees.
  11. The Landowner/Developer/Agent review the servicing Agreement – if no concerns the agreement is signed and sealed and payment of fees is required prior to sending an approval back to Community Planning.


Fees Associated with Subdividing in the RM

These are possible costs of subdividing and they may differ based on the proposed subdivision:

  • Development Permit Fee
    • Permitted Use – $50.00
    • Discretionary Use – $250.00
  • Re-Zoning Fee
    • $250.00 for first lot PLUS $50.00 for each additional lot
    • Advertising Costs
  • Servicing Agreement Fees
    • Residential
      • $1000.00 / parcel (single lot development)
      • $1500.00 / parcel (multi-lot development)
    • Commercial
      • $2000.00 / parcel (single lot development)
      • $3000.00 / parcel (multi-lot development)
  • Municipal Reserve – calculated at 10% of the land value per acre
    • $1000.00 for residential land
    • $2000.00 for non-residential land
    • A minimum amount of $500.00 is required
  • ISC Servicing Agreement Registration Fee – if required

Additional Fees To Consider

  • Drawing/Surveying Plan of Proposed Subdivision
  • Application for Subdivision – Community Planning
  • Legal & ISC fees for creation & registration of new titles
  • Costs for drainage plans, building elevations, road construction, hydro-logical studies, etc. – where required
  • Deposit for Weyburn Utility Board services – if required